Field of Dreams


God used the movie theme of “Field of Dreams” (which is a prophetic movie of baseball legends allowed to fulfill their unfinished dreams) during a time of searching for a new church location. In spring of 2001, during intense prayer and fasting, themes from the movie repeatedly came to our pastor. He was certain the Holy Spirit was speaking to him through these dreams but whether or not he was to search for a cornfield and “build it and they will come” was still a question. In August of 2001 while searching for a new church location. During an inspection of the Chillicothe Rd location, the pastor was walking from the back of the property and saw several cars lined up with children in baseball uniforms being dropped. Upon looking back to see where they were heading he discovered a baseball diamond with bleachers adjacent to the church. Beyond the field a large cornfield stood and a sign on the backstop shouted “Field of Dreams”. This was the confirmation he was looking for and from that point on he was certain that this was the place God had chosen. Later that year 18046 Chillicothe Road became the home of NewLife Fellowship and several years later the adjacent property with the Field of Dreams was also acquired, ultimately confirming the dreams and prophecy! This new property was purchased as a ministry and outreach towards the youth in our community. If you are interested in utilizing these facilities, please contact the church office.