Your Marketplace Ministry First, Before Your City or Nations!

Many people come to church each week just to get built up for the week ahead in the rat race of life. This is an elementary level of Christian existence.

Then some come in filled with the Spirit go out into their marketplace to clean up the prison (figuratively) so it’s a nicer environment for them to work in. It’s a job!  This is like middle school Christianity!

Some believers come in filled and leave filled with the Spirit and realize they have a marketplace ministry and they start interceding for that sphere of ministry and everyone present.   Now you are moving up to high school!

Next level up, believers come and leave filled with the Spirit, intercede, and bring about transformation of their marketplace ministry and everyone they meet. They realize they carry an anointing for the place God has called them to. People get saved and filled with the Spirit in their marketplace ministry.  Now you are entering college of the Spirit.

Has to start here before becoming a nation changer for God’s Kingdom!