The Gift of Discernment is Needed More Then Ever Before

I believe the gift of discernment is needed desperately in the body of Christ and for believers to use in the world.  This gift is not just for use in a deliverance ministry but in every day life. How well can you discern between your human spirit and your born again spirit?  Can you discern the source of your thoughts?  Can you tell when the Holy Spirit is speaking to you?

We need discernment about the times we are living in, like the sons of Issachar had, but more importantly knowing what God wants us to do in these situations.  How many so-called believers are not even seeking the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A believer without the gifts of the Holy Spirit, is like a carpenter without any tools.  Without the gifts of the Holy Spirit you will never have an impact on the world around you, because many have a form of godliness but deny the power source which is the Holy Spirit.  Jesus was empowered to do all the miracles He did by the Holy Spirit!

The Father and Jesus are in Heaven and the Holy Spirit is here on planet earth to equip and empower believers to do everything that Jesus would do if He were still here!  He is waiting on you, the gifts are activated by Faith! You can have the same Holy Spirit that Jesus has!

You have not because you ask not!  What gifts of the Spirit are you coveting?  Have to covet the giver and gifts!