Great Weapon of the Enemy: Getting Offended or Causing Offense?

The enemy sows seeds of discord, strife, and division wherever people (Christians included) are selfish and living by the dictates of their carnal minds. Your enemy wants to destroy marriages, families, churches, even separate friends.
Some of those seeds are doubts, negative thoughts, and unforgiveness. These can grow into offenses, then bitterness, then build up into hatred. Many have been offended and harbored grudges for so long they are emotional and demonic strongholds in people’s minds.
We have been forgiven of so much, yet it is so difficult for us to walk in forgiveness towards others! It is much easier to choose to become offended, being critical or judgemental, and then defend or justify our wrong thinking and attitudes. The devil will help you compound it and make it worse by agreeing with “the accuser of people” (that is another one of his names and he is a liar and deceiver)
Choosing to walk in offense will stop your spiritual growth and hinder your future destiny in God! We have to repent and ask forgiveness for this terrible sin in order to be set free.
Many claim to be Christians and walk around with bitterness, offenses, grudges, anger, resentment, and even hatred in their hearts and minds. Cannot be a true follower of Christ while carrying this baggage,