Praying for Divine Appointments

God is so good at directing your steps if you let Him LEAD!
Yesterday I had an appointment for my work, that required almost a 2 hour drive to get there. I was really enjoying listening to the Bible on CD, mixed with praise and worship all the way there.
You don’t even mind traffic traveling this way with His Presence!

When I got there the man I was supposed to meet and work with was not there due to a death in his family. Fortunately another man was able to meet with us and at least we could get the initial job done. This appointment was set up for weeks in advance.

After we completed this work, my boss asked where did I want to go to grab a quick lunch in the nearby town, and told him Wendy’s for a salad. As we both pull in and getting out of our vehicles, there coming out of Wendy’s is the man we were supposed to originally meet with, Joe.

I was able to offer some encouragement at the loss of his mother and pray with him and I knew he is a believer and so is his mother who is in heaven. Thank You Lord for Divine Appointments!

I told our church 2 weeks ago that I was praying for Divine appointments for them to love people into the Kingdom.