The Gifts of the Holy Spirit Are for More Effective Ministry & Outreach

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are given to help us all be more effective in REACHING THE LOST, not just for blessing others in the church.  On the day of Pentecost, the out pouring of the Holy Spirit was not to bless the 120 with Holy Ghost GOOSE BUMPS and for them to feel good.   They received power, dunamis to be witnesses to everyone they met.

There were many infillings of the Holy Spirit in the book of Acts and all were for the purpose of reaching the lost.  We need the Holy Spirit more than ever, those that are led by the Spirit are the sons of God.  Do you know His voice/

Most churches don’t encourage anyone to seek for or receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, let alone yield themselves to speak a message in tongues.  What is the neighbors hear?  Why aren’t they hearing from you?

He was given to reach the 3000 souls as a result of the 120 speaking in tongues, it had to spill out of the upper room and it has to flow out of you and your church TO REACH THE LOST!

Be the church, don’t just attend one!