Self Centered or Christ Centered Makes All the Difference!

Have you ever noticed how easy it is for us to get offended when we are self centered or selfish? First we shouldn’t be self centered at all, but let’s be honest too many times we are because self and the flesh have not been crucified totally with Christ.
When we are Christ centered you don’t worry about our feelings or our agenda, but are only concerned about doing the Father’s will and you do not become easily offended, nor do you cause anyone offense!
Christ did not come to make a reputation for Himself and neither should we. I want to help you become unoffendable (not that you become a robot or insensitive to other’s feelings) but you do not take offense or cause someone else to be offended.
Some Christians need to just grow up and stop being babies, time to get off the milk bottle and be accountable to spiritual leaders who can help you grow up!
I am tired of seeing Christians who have been saved for a long time and are still babies with no growth because they refuse to be open and accountable to anyone.