God’s Love in Action!

I want to share a story about my amazing and compassionate wife, there is a woman who visits occasionally with her husband who is confined to a wheel chair (this woman loves and cares for her husband with her whole being). We love them and pray for his total healing!
Well they came today and she did not know about the picnic and she wanted to play some volleyball but was not dressed for it. Just when all the food was being served, my wife sneaks away from the crowd and food, to go buy a pair of shorts for this woman to wear, just so she could play some volleyball.
Only 3 people knew she did this (the woman, Deb, and myself) and I know my wife would not any recognition for this, but I have to say this act touched my heart so deeply I cried as I thought about her sacrificial giving to others of her time, and our money (haha), and just being so thoughtful to even go out of her way to a store in the middle of our anniversary picnic.
If it just brought a few minutes worth of fun for this woman who spends all her time taking care of her husband, Deb you will be rewarded in heaven richly for all the people you love and bless in secret.
Just like Jesus willing to leave the 99 for the one! I love and appreciate your heart for people and thank God for you! What a great pastor’s wife! WOW!