God Prefers Our Obedience Rather Than Sacrifices

I am surprised at how many Christians are disobedient to God’s Word and yet expect to receive His Blessings!  Statistics show that 80% of Christians do not tithe and God’s word in Malachi chapter 3 says they are robbing God and cursed as a result.  Are you cursed or blessed today?

Jesus taught a lot on people’s giving to God as a direct reflection of the attitude of their hearts.  Many try to give God the left overs, or a small token instead of their whole tithe and they wonder why they are not receiving the blessings?  They wonder why so many bills and things breaking down instead of lasting longer?

Your obedience or disobedience determines whether you are cursed or blessed.  God is bound to honor His Word and the enemy also sees whether you are obedient to faithfully give or not.  If you do not obey, then he is your accuser before the throne of God.  He is pointing out your disobedience and tying the hands of God from you receiving blessings.

I have had people tell me that they have to use their tithes to pay bills, well then you have no legal ground to expect a blessing because this is disobedience and lack of trust in God to supply your needs.  Others say I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to give, I say you cannot afford, not to give so He can bless and stretch all the rest.  If you trust Him and are obedient you might just finally get healed and walk in divine health to avoid those costly medications.

Someone told me they have to use their tithe money to pay for a loan payment, this is not scriptural and they are choosing curses instead of blessings.  No wonder they struggle month to month to make ends meet.

Giving tithes and offerings should be simple obedience and worship!  Givers are so blessed and they give joyfully as an act of Worship!  God loves a cheerful giver, not someone who feels coerced or gives begrudgingly.