Time to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Peter got out of boat, Yes he sank, But he got out of the boat of Complacency and HE WALKED ON THE WATER! None of the other disciples got up or out of the boat. Stop being critical of anyone trying to walk by faith.
Sinking is better than sitting around going no where!
When life is over, we won’t regret taking a risk for God and sinking But we might regret just sitting. And God will not remember us sinking.
Time it get out of your comfort zone and let go of your security blankets. Jesus said launch out into the deep and many are still tied up at the dock not wanting to leave the security of the shoreline. Well you will never catch your destiny tied up at the dock, nor will you have an encounter with the Miraculous sitting in your boat with lack of faith and obedience to His spoken Word.