Challenging Men to Be Spiritual Fathers!

One of the biggest reasons the world is so messed up is because the church is not in divine order, and the reason the church is messed up is because the homes are not in line either.
The key missing piece is Spiritual Fathers!
Ladies you have had to do more then your share of raising kids or grandchildren without the help of a godly man. But women are by nature nurturers and not designed to be the lawgivers.
Many women have tried to be the spiritual head of their houses due to absentee fathers, but this is not God’s divine order for homes. Time to wake up men!
Without Spiritual fathers there has been rebellious generations not disciplined according to Biblical standards and countless children in jail and all sorts of problems without the leadership of a father. Statistics are startling about sons and daughters raised in homes without a true father.
And most important is the modeling and demonstrations that Spiritual fathers are to live and show the example.

Paul told Timothy and the Corinthians, you have 10,000 instructors but not many fathers.  Spiritual fathers are to lead by example and nurture their children to grow up into Christ as they do.  Paul said follow me as I follow Christ.

Fathers what example are you setting for your children to follow?  Are you loving your wife and children and giving them your time and showing them love and affection?

Our homes need Spiritual Fathers,  Our churches need Spiritual Fathers, Our world needs Spiritual Fathers!