3 Generations of Ministers Touching Lives!

I was just so blessed with a call from a dear couple who attended our church for years and then moved to Florida. They heard about my father’s passing and loved him so very much and how he demonstrated the Father’s Love and how he never said and unkind word.
They went through the terrible loss of their son, who was murdered and very hard financial times and we just loved them back to spiritual health.  We loved them like family, because they are family!
The wife told me how my grandfather’s ministry touched her mother’s life when she was a little girl, and then later how my father and my ministry touched their lives at critical times! Three generations of our family in ministry touching their lives for the Kingdom of God. What an encouraging and great story.
Appreciate their prayers and the heart felt stories of being ministered too.

Thank the Lord for a legacy of touching people’s lives for God’s Kingdom!  What an honor and privilege to serve the Lord in ministry!