Finish Well Pastor Joe Frano

In a matter of days my father will be going to heaven, and thanks to his great counsel, he always said give your loved ones the flowers while they are alive! I am glad I listened…
He knows I love him and he loves me unconditionally! I know where he is going and I will join him there some day.
He is a great husband, father, grand and great grandfather, a great Pastor, Teacher, Encourager, Worship leader, Spiritual Mentor and so much more. He demonstrated the Father’s heart and love to so many 1000’s of people during his life.
As a result I have shared with many to live without regrets, but many times at funerals, people are full of regrets and guilt over not having called or spent more time with their loved one.
Live without regrets, DO IT NOW or CALL THEM NOW    TELL THEM YOU LOVE!  THEM FORGIVE AND FORGET, live without fear or anxiety of the future!