Update on Pastor Joseph Frano

Sat 5/28 (Hospital) My dad is amazing, even in a confused mental state, he was praising the Lord all day and praying in tongues. He was telling everyone to Praise the Lord.
When my cousin Adam came with Aunt Grace, he was thanking the Lord for the miracle of Adam’s complete healing from cancer (just a month ago they were planning his funeral)
Then my Aunt Becky, Dianne, Aunt Grace, mom, Deb, dad, and I were singing worship choruses in his hospital room. Even later at hospice he was still praising the Lord and praying in tongues.
I just prayed for the peace of God all over him when I left last night.
Hoping to take him outside in the sun today along the lake!
Appreciate all your prayers and kind words of encouragement as this is so hard on the family BUT WE KNOW WHERE HE IS GOING! HE WILL RECEIVE A MIRACLE OF HEALING!

Sat 5/28 Felt God’s Presence in Dad’s room at hospice, as were singing choruses and praying. We watched the majesty of Our Heavenly Father in the clouds and sky, as a rainstorm approached over the lake with lightning mixed with a sunset.

Sun 5/29 Wheeled dad outside in his bed, with nursing staff’s help, enjoying sunshine, view of lake, and Breezes! The staff is incredible here at Hospice of Western Reserve.