Pastor Joseph Frano

For 61 years I have had the best earthly father as my best friend, spiritual mentor, teacher, great pastor, spiritual example and most important a demonstration of the Heavenly Father’s Love! When I was little, he would always take time to answer all my Bible questions, and I had so many, but we had great times of discussion and he would share and teach me.

I learned an appreciation for the Word of God, the anointing of the Holy Spirit and encouraging and building peoples’ faith from him.
I am thankful those times of learning from him never stopped, as he was always a great Bible teacher on the cutting edge of the Faith message long before there was a Rhema Bible college. He always pressed in for more revelations from the Word by the Holy Spirit.
He gladly would teach any hungry souls and led so many in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He loved leading worship at the Cleveland and Akron Full Gospel Businessman’s chapters for so many years.
I remember driving him early in the morning or late at night to go visit people in hospitals to pray for them, many never came to our church, but he always had a heart for God’s people and building His Kingdom. He has taught and demonstrated God’s Kingdom not just church mentality.
He has touched many 1000’s of people’s lives (actually over 32 million of his gospel tracts were distributed worldwide) over his 65 plus years of spirit filled ministry. Even now he is Praising the Name of Jesus, and praying in the Spirit! Thank you Lord!