Amazing Manifestation of God’s Presence During Intercessory Prayer

Allen, Randy, and I were praying in the sanctuary (and Bob was on the phone praying) and as we were interceding there was such a beautiful fragrance and aroma that grew stronger and filled the front of the altar area where we were sitting.  I thought it was one of Randy’s expensive and good quality men’s perfume (no cheap cologne).

This was rich and sweet aroma with incense, and he said he thought it was me, (no way as I have been working in factories for 10 hours today and did not even have time to change or clean up before prayer). He smelled the fragranced anointing oil, but the bottle was sealed, and this was different and stronger AND BETTER!  He said he first smelled it when I entered and started to pray, then I started smelling it and in my prayer I prayed about the woman with the alabaster flask of expensive spikenard anointing Jesus.

We both smelled the sweet presence of the Lord as we interceded, it was truly AN AMAZING MANIFESTATION OF GOD’S PRESENCE, that increased as we prayed. We breathed it in and soaked it in, it was a tremendous smelling fragrance!

More of You Lord and More of You Holy Spirit!