Comments From a Former Member

I had the pleasure of having lunch with a former member of our church and he said “you are not the greatest speaker I have heard, but you are anointed”.  I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with him and we counseled him and his wife, through some tough times.  I spoke some tough words of spiritual counsel into his life, that he did not like to hear at the time, but as time has passed he admits they were accurate and he saw the truth in them.  He is a very educated and successful man and we became close friends and it was tough to have them leave.

We had a good time of fellowship and prayed together.  Then he went on to say “one of your greatest attributes is praying for people with a heart of intensity and listening to the Holy Spirit”   I said I thank the Lord for His Holy Spirit!

Later as I thought about his comments I was thankful, and like the Apostle Paul, I could agree and say I do not want to come in eloquence of speech to entice, or educate people, I want to allow the anointing to touch people’s deepest needs.  I want to listen to what the Holy Spirit has to say more then any human, and you don’t need people speaking to you out of their own human spirit.  Many have prophecied falsely and people have been manipulated, controlled, hurt or had false expectations given to them by false prophets, or well meaning ones with lack of spiritual discernment.

I have always coveted the anointing of the Holy Spirit and this is what “destroys the yokes and lifts burdens”

Isa 10:27 That his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, And his yoke from your neck,
And the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil. NKJV

The Holy Spirit also knows the PERFECT WILL of GOD for your life AT ALL TIMES!  So who would you rather hear from?  Do you need to hear a motivational message that will make you feel good for a little while, or do you want the truth that can set you free and you can use to set others free?

I have always said I would rather hear an anointed sermon from a humble spirit-filled janitor, then a message from someone with a Doctor of Divinity without the anointing or the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  I am not against education, we are to study to show ourselves approved, rightly dividing the Word.  Many have a lot of religious knowledge but without the Holy Spirit there is no life, and no power!