Fasting and Praying Together on Anniversary of Azusa St Revival

We are fasting and praying with many thousands of believers across our country crying out for a greater than Azusa street revival.  Join us on the 110th year anniversary of the Azusa Revival April 9th from 2 PM to 4 PM at Grace Church Old Brooklyn 2503 Broadview Rd. Cleveland
We encourage all believers and prayer warriors to come and let’s agree together with our brothers and sisters across this country. Our country needs a reformation that no political party, no politician, and no leader can bring, only the Holy Spirit drawing millions to repentance can change our world.
It started in a home Bible study and prayer time where William Seymour and 7 others were baptized in the Holy Spirit, and exploded from there!
We are praying for the Fire of God to fall in Cleveland and surrounding areas, hungry and thirsty people from east, west, and south will be gathering.

“Maybe like those who were baptized in the Spirit in the original Acts 2 upper room, we will say, ‘This is that which was spoken by William Seymour the prophet!'”|By Lou Engle