Happy Resurrection Day!

The JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH! Today and Everyday. His Joy is Independent of circumstances, situations, how you feel, or think.  Allow His Joy to be your strength, He wants to fill you with His peace and His joy.

The greatest news and message to all mankind is:

What about you, are you EMPTY TODAY? He paid the price for our sins, He died in our place, HE EVEN WENT TO HELL IN OUR PLACE,  SO NO MAN OR WOMAN WOULD EVER HAVE TO GO THERE.  People chose to go to hell BY NOT ACCEPTING Jesus’ sacrifice, it’s not about religion or knowledge it is all about a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD THROUGH THE BLOOD OF JESUS!  You can be adopted into the family of God right now!

A lot of people know all about Jesus, but this will not change anything in your life.  Many people will die and end up in Hell because they knew about Jesus BUT NEVER ACCEPTED HIM AS LORD & SAVIOUR.  All these are empty (the cross, the tomb, His grave clothes) and speak of Him fulfilling all the Messianic prophecies, and that we might be saved by His shed blood and be filled with His Spirit.  Filled with Hope beyond the grave!

His first coming, death, burial, and resurrection ARE ALL HISTORICAL AND BIBLICAL FACTS!  Undeniable, Unmistakable, and Undisputable Miracles!  Get ready there are twice as many prophecies about His Second Coming!

I trust today you are not empty, we have to let the resurrection life and power of Jesus flow into us and then out of us, to this hopeless world around us.  WE WOULD LOVE TO PRAY FOR YOU!  BE FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT!