God’s Power is Released for His Assignments

I am thanking God and rejoicing that after I went to visit, Scott Angel in ICU at Geauga hospital (prayed for Sandy and his sister — I bound the spirit of fear and anxiety off of them and spoke peace) and then prayed for Scott, to just receive a testimony this same evening from Courtney (his daughter).  I could see the effect of the doctor’s prognosis on Sandy’s face, BUT then I could see the impact of the peace of God!

This is all God because I was on the way home from dropping my mom off at the nursing home and knew I had an assignment to go pray for him.  Actually I was only in his room for a few minutes and had to wait just outside while they were doing some procedures.  His nurse noticed my clergy badge and she even said there is power in prayer and to keep praying.  They drew the curtain and I just stood right outside his room praying over him and praying in the spirit.

Courtney shared that shortly after I left (in less than 30 minutes), he came out of Afib with a normal heart rate and his kidneys starting working to a greater degree! Praise God I serve an Awesome God who hears and answers Prayers of the righteous!
I was speaking and declaring life to his heart to be back in normal rate of beats, resurrection life to his kidneys, and healing to his blood pressure to be corrected. I rebuked death and the spirit of infirmity in Jesus Name! I declared a turn around for Scott and Praise God this is what is happening in Jesus Name!