Example of Marketplace Ministry

I am posting this to give a SHOUT OUT to all the family members of our church, New Life Fellowship, who have eaten at Simply Greek (great restaurant). I was in a rush to go from work to the nursing home Friday so I called ahead to place my order and this was ready (see picture) as soon as I sat down.

Due to my dad being in the hospital I have been going straight from work to the hospital and not been in Simply Greek for 2 weeks. They were wondering what happened to me, so Glenda and Scottie ate there this week and told them what has been happening.

The head chef comes over to me and says ALL YOUR FRIENDS THAT YOU HAVE BROUGHT IN HERE ARE THE HAPPIEST AND NICEST PEOPLE. I told him they are from our church, (he knows I am a pastor and have witnessed to everyone in their restaurant)  People can sense the anointing on you when you take the time to let the love of God flow through you into their lives!

He was very sincere and genuine and said I have never seen this many HAPPY PEOPLE IN ANY CHURCH. Well of course this opened an opportunity to witness even more to him about RELATIONSHIP WITH THE FATHER — NOT RELIGION! Because our church members are demonstrating the Love of God!

There is a ripple effect that opens people’s hearts even more when you allow the Love of God to flow through you!

MARKETPLACE MINISTRY,  show the love of God wherever you go.  And by the way if you go there and say you are a Christian, DON’T BE CHEAP WITH YOUR TIPS EITHER!

By the way they would not even accept a dime for this great meal and a piece of their amazing baklava!

Doug Frano's photo.