Miracles Are Happening, Expect More – It is ALL GOD!

We received a recent testimony from a young lady who visited 4 weeks ago and she came up for prayer for her mother and she stood in proxy.  I laid hands on her and we agreed in prayer and spoke a prophetic word.  She just wrote us to let us know her mother started a turn around in her condition.  Praise the Lord for His Presence and Power to heal completely!

My father has been hospitalized since Tues Feb 23 with some very serious complications, and he spoke to my sister and I about his wishes for his funeral service (no frills, no fanfare, no flowers, etc…).  We appreciate all the prayers offered by the body of Christ.  Last night I was alone with him and praying in the Spirit (he was praying in tongues in his sleep) over him, turned off the lights as he was sleeping, stroking his hair and praying peace, felt the Lord’s Presence so strong and peaceful in his hospital room.

Today was his dialysis day, which usually wipes him out and really drained of energy, BUT GOD!, he was all perky and energetic and even ate most all of his dinner.  This was an amazing turn around day!  THANK YOU LORD!

Sunday I delayed the close of service to be obedient to the Holy Spirit and I spoke a prophetic word and prayed over a young man battling drug addiction, I shared not to embarrass him,  but to release him into his destiny and to encourage his family.  Pastor Wendy said he went for a blood test this week and there is NO TRACE of hepatitis C!  She revealed to him how the Lord healed him during that prayer and the anointing.  She and her son didn’t mind service went longer that day at all.

I share these testimonies to encourage your faith to believe for more and receive your miracle in God’s Presence and His Anointing!  Believers need to begin to believe again, stretch out your faith!  New Life Fellowship is a house of prayer, a house of worship, and we welcome His Presence at ALL TIMES!

Come expecting!  We will pray and agree together for you!  God is Your Healer!