Deliverance, Healing, and Wholeness!

So many are in need of deliverance, healing, and wholeness even in the church!  Unfortunately many have not surrendered areas of their lives, to completely allow the Holy Spirit to do a deeper work in them.  You have to release hurts, anger, offenses, bitterness, resentment, (notice all these feelings and emotions we are not supposed to walk around being led by these)  release them to the Lord but allow Him to work in you in all these areas to forgive and release those who have hurt you.

This is why we have so many hurt people, hurting others.  I have seen people in ministry who are hurt, get up and hurt others because they try to minister out of a wounded spirit or unresolved issues.  But they will surface, because what is in the heart of a man or woman will cone to the surface and bubble over.

Just like a drug addict, unless they come to the realization they need and want help, they will not seek deliverance!  Desperation is a great motivator!  There are people in churches today who have been hearing the Word for years, BUT NOT PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE IN THEIR LIVES and according to Apostle James THEY ARE DECEIVED!  When this happens they become gospel hardened and crusty, so that the seed of God’s Word cannot penetrate their hardened hearts.  But seeds of the enemy have grown and sprung up with a STRONGHOLD around those wrong feelings, emotions, and thoughts and they are entrenched.

Some do not want deliverance and you cannot cast out the flesh, it has to be crucified.  God wants to deliver, and heal, and bring wholeness to His body and many dysfunctional church members and transform them into members of the body of Christ.

We need to repent of any hardening of the attitudes and allow God to change stony hearts into ones that can gladly receive the Word of God, return to the Joy of Your Salvation and First Love!

If you don’t forgive others, GOD WILL NOT FORGIVE YOU!