Why I Believe in Miracles

Let me share a true story of why I believe in miracles!
It was a sunny day when 12 year old Joey was bringing lunch to his older bother Eliseo Frano. It was during the summer of 1931. As he was crossing the intersection a speeding car ran the light hitting little Joey and the force launched his lifeless body over 25 feet away from the spot.
He was rushed to the hospital but his brain was inverted from the impact, his entire left side paralyzed, and his right leg broken in six places and he was in a coma. The doctors did not offer much hope at all, saying if he lives he will not be able to walk and most likely be a vegetable with not being able to think or live a normal life.
Marianna and Frank Frano heard those words of a bad report from the doctors about their middle son, but they refused to believe those reports and instead agreed and prayed in faith based on God’s Word. They dedicated Joseph to the Lord, saying they would give him back to the Lord as a minister if God would spare his life.
Joseph was laying in the hospital bed, lifeless in a coma for 30 days. The nurses monitored for any signs of life or improvement. His parents continued to believe and pray in faith and fully meant their dedication of his life to the Lord. God honors and hears the prayers of His righteous servants!
It had been 30 days and the doctors and nurses had given up hope, when all of a sudden the nurse monitoring Joey’s lifeless body was startled when he opened his eyes. God heard and answered those faith filled prayers of Apostles Marianna and Frank Frano, on behalf of their son Joseph. He had a complete miraculous healing and recovery.
I believe in miracles because I have lived with one all my life, as matter of fact without this miracle of healing and restoration, I would not be alive today! That miracle child was and is my father, Joseph Frano who was dedicated to the Lord. He has served the Lord faithfully in spirit filled ministry for over 65 years!
So yes I believe in a God who specializes in healing and miracles and I am thankful for the faith of my grandparents and my parents. I have grown up believing and expecting miracles!
I want you to receive your miracle by faith in God and His Word! Begin to Believe, because with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! I trust this will encourage you.