Are You Ready? Not for Christ’s Return, but something that precedes this.

The shallowness and immaturity of some “so-called” Christians shocks and amazes me, by now they should be teachers BUT they still are on the milk. Some are still so strongly led by their carnality and flesh, I pray God what is it going to take for them to really repent.
A GREAT SHAKING is coming! It is prophecied in the Bible!   Are You Ready?
Not saying this as a prophet of doom and gloom, but your faith will be tested and tried. Not saying this to scare anyone, but who are you trusting in?

I am not just talking about being ready for Christ’s return, but are you ready for some of the greatest shaking this world has ever seen?  If you are rooted and grounded on the sure foundation of Jesus Our Rock, then NO FEAR HERE!  As the world grows darker, His Glory will arise and shine on true believers.

If all you have is some religious teachings with no faith and no relationship with the Father, then you should be very afraid, because this will not support you when everything get shaking!