Time to Stop the Thief! Walk in Your Authority

I agree with and have been receiving confirmation of this prophetic word from Doug Addison: If you are in need of a breakthrough with your health, finances and relationships, this is the time to expect a change of course.

Something significant is happening in the spiritual realm right now and the plans of the enemy are not only being revealed but also stopped. This explains the heaviness in the air and why it has felt like a difficult time.

Divine alignments
Changes to the spiritual atmosphere can sometimes appear subtle. It is like turning the rudder on a large ship. Though you might not see anything on the surface at first, you will eventually find yourself aligned in a new direction.

Expect to see how the enemy has been robbing you and ask God for your repayment strategy. Expect to see evidence of this new divine shift taking place now. This will help you gain back the ground that was lost and get a new plan for 2016.