Hearing God’s Voice! A Great Christmas Gift!

I want to share a powerful secret of hearing God’s Voice better all the times, helping you to sleep more soundly at night, and have a great start to each morning! Are you ready for this? Do you really want to know?

First we need to pray at all times, “Father not my will but yours be done” and then listen for His answer and promptings (NOT FEELINGS).  Just like Jesus prayed.   Don’t pray with a pre-supposed idea or feeling of what you want Him to bless or do.  Allow Him to be God in your life!

Secondly and VERY important for sleeping better, starting off your day better, and receiving revelation knowledge; pray in tongues every night as you lay in your bed for at least 10 minutes and I guarantee you will sleep better and you will receive instructions sealed in the your spirit at night.  These instructions will be revealed as needed, by the Holy Spirit, sometimes slowly bit by bit over several days or sometimes a quick large download of wisdom and you will know it was from God.

Then when you wake up, before you get out of bed, pray in tongues for 5 – 10 minutes and you will begin to hear His Voice better throughout your day!  You will walk in a greater boldness because you are tapping into the real power source from God, His Holy Spirit.

Did you ever have a hard time when you needed to make a decision under pressure and wanted to know God’s perfect will regarding what you are to do?  The Holy Spirit always knows the perfect will of God, so if we allow Him to pray through us we will begin to hear His Voice more clearly concerning every decision and receive the Mind of Christ more and more!