Racism is a Sin!

I want to remind Christians that Racisim is a sin! This has to start in the churches! Growing up in a predominant African American church I did not learn racism, but I experienced it firsthand in both directions.
While walking home from school as a young boy I was jumped by 4 African American boys and beaten up, fortunately I was rescued by an older white neighbor. Sure I was angry and scared but I determined to get stronger. I did not stereo type that all black kids were thugs, because I knew the people in church were not like this.
Years later an African American man would faithfully bring his wife to our church, drop her off and then patiently wait for her to come out after each service 2 to 3 times per week. Even though our church was 90% African American he would not come in (because the pastor was white and he was deeply racist).
One of those nights he picked up his wife after service and it was a cold snowy blizzard that night, and right in front of the church he had a flat tire. It was a busy road and I pulled up behind them and turned on my flashers. I told his wife to sit in my car to keep warm and in my suit and overcoat I got down in the snow and ice to change the tire. He could not get the lug nuts loose and I think he was in shock.
The next week he came with his wife to church and months later gave his heart to the Lord and surrendered years of anger, bitterness, resentment, and racial prejudice. He shared his testimony with the church on how an act of kindness from a white pastor melted his heart and opened him up to salvation. He became a loyal and steadfast church member and great helper and greeter.

Racism is a sin and ignorance! The devil comes to cause strife and division. And many years after this, we relocated to our current address, I told the Lord I never want an all white church but one of all colors and nations. There still is too much racism and segregation in churches today, both ways. The only color God looks at is to see if the red blood of Jesus has been applied to the person’s heart.