Thankful for God’s Presence Today

I just want to thank God for His powerful presence today in service and I want to thank God for our worship team, by the third song I was on the floor weeping. So were some others joining me in crying out in a spirit of travail.  I had a hard time getting up off the floor as the Holy Spirit was allowing me to feel the hurts, heartaches, and needs of the people.  When we can identify with His Heart then we can really share His message.  God wants to and will meet you at the point of your need.

The majority of churches today are powerless because of prayerlessness!  They have too tight a time schedule to allow the Holy Spirit to change their programs.  NEWS FLASH  PEOPLE DON’T NEED PROGRAMS THEY NEED A TOUCH FROM GOD! They do not need any more religion or dry dead theology.  Our church is not a place for Christian entertainment.  This will be a November to Remember conditional upon your Praise & Worship and your Thankfulness!

People spoke of even the countenance changes on Allen Ingram, our worship leader as they progressed in worship. It was powerful because we welcome and honor the Holy Spirit to have His way and we mean this; no 3 songs, no 3 point motivational sermon and a poem and after 30 minutes you are out the door. We have to allow the Holy Spirit time to work on all of us!

I am thankful for some hungry and thirsty people who want more of God’s Presence!  It’s okay if your makeup gets ruined or hair get’s messed up, or clothes get wrinkled while on your face before God, this is the best place to be and let Him transform you.

Great breakthroughs are coming for you if you will keep pressing in through your worship.  Christians should be the most thankful people on planet Earth!  Rejoice in the Lord!