Don’t Be Distracted by Terrorists, Instead Give God Thanks!

Don’t let the demonically controlled attacks by terrorists steal your peace, or distract you from the greater good that God has planned. Yes we pray for all those that have lost loved ones and those that have been deeply affected by these mass murders.

Christians need to wake up that we are in a Spiritual Battle and Warfare, the enemy knows his time is short and he is loosing all his demonic powers, this warfare is not going to be won by governments, politics, or bombs & bullets.  This is not a judgement on France or the people, it is demon controlled terrorists under a false religion.

As believers we have so much to be Thankful for, enter His courts with Thanksgiving!   Press in now with thankfulness and praise for some of the greatest breakthroughs for believers are right around the corner.

This is a critical time to be more thankful then ever before in your life, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit trying to lead you into thanksgiving and then into worship!  God has spoken and declared in His own words that He will do some amazing things, that even if He told you about them in advance, you still will have a hard time believing them. AMAZING!