80 Years Here Or All Eternity!

So many people work so hard and for most of their adult life at being successful in their careers and at making a living.  When they finally obtain the expensive toys or status symbols they realize that things don’t satisfy or bring happiness.  Then later in life they have regrets that they did not spend more time with their family or working on relationships.

At almost every funeral I hear people regretting they did not spend more time with the deceased person.  Send people you love the flowers while they are alive!

Also we need to stop looking at life as only the 70, 80, or 90 years on planet Earth and begin to take a longer term view of ALL ETERNITY!  What we do here for God’s Kingdom motivated by love, will determine your rewards OR LACK OF THEM for all ETERNITY!

Time to get busy doing all we can for His Kingdom here and now.  Don’t procrastinate, do it now!  Speak to that person about the love of God, pray for them, visit the sick and shut-ins.  Do all that you can to love people into the Kingdom of God!  REMEMBER GOD LOVES PEOPLE AND ALL LIVES MATTER TO HIM REGARDLESS OF SKIN COLOR!