Through Our Heavenly Father’s Eyes

God chose and called Moses to be the deliverer of the nation of Israel, who had been enslaved almost 400 years to Egypt. His own life was spared being pulled from the crocodile infested river by Pharoh’s daughter because of God’s favor and protection.  Moses was groomed for leadership with the best education, being raised up in Pharoh’s own household.

What a calling and what an impossible situation from man’s perspective.  After growing up he felt compelled to return to his people and he tried to do things on his own, and he killed an Egyptian who was beating an Israelite.  So now he has to flee for his own life (almost 40 years banished to the wilderness as a shepherd).  Actually this was God training him for leadership and wilderness survival training.

God is very interested in your training and development, in preparation for your ministry calling.  Moses was now about 80 years old and God calls him and commissions him out of the burning bush.  After all these years of training, Moses gives God all these excuses as to why He should send someone else.  Moses said I am not eloquent, I am slow of speech and tongue, he stuttered (maybe this was actually the anointing of the Holy Spirit).

God may be calling you to what looks to be an impossible situation, don’t worry He specializes in the IMPOSSIBLE WITH MAN,  ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD — ONLY BELIEVE!   And STOP GIVING GOD EXCUSES, HE HAS HEARD THEM ALL.