Power is Being Released

There is a great supernatural power that is being released as believers are praying in a military like style (Focused) on God’s Word and Promises with some intensity and power of agreement.  So thankful for the impact of the movie, “War Room” is having on believers re-opening or just starting prayer closets.  This movie is not just great entertainment, but is a wake up call to Christians to start praying correctly with focus and purpose, not divided or hit and miss attitude, but with Faith in God’s Words.

As a result of all this prayer a great supernatural power is being released to shift things, and work behind the scenes to change people’s hearts so expect changes.  Also a bold radical faith is being released especially to the younger generation that will carry over to the older generations as well.  As a result of this power there will be great breakthroughs in the heavens and expect some awesome “Suddenlies of God” to happen in a chain reaction!