God’s Peace

I just want to encourage you that God wants to give you His peace today!  Not anything the world can give but it is peace of mind, peace for your soul, and for your body that goes beyond our human understanding.  Some of the highest volume prescriptions are anti-anxiety medicines and they all have bad effects like mind altering, brain fog, and create dependencies and addictions.  No matter what you are going through or even if you were in the most intense war zone of the world, His peace will comfort you.  In His Presence there is fullness of JOY, there is HEALING, there is GUIDANCE, all that you will ever need is in Him.  God wants you to live stress free, care free, worry free, and NO ANXIETIES in this present moment right now.  NO REGRETS FROM YOUR PAST, AND NO WORRIES ABOUT YOUR FUTURE, enjoying the present in His Presence!  This will take a load of your mind and you be able to receive all that He has for you today without the distractions.