Deliverance Ministry Training

We are going to be training Deliverance Ministry workers, starting Tues. Sept 1 at 7 PM – 9 PM. classes will run 5-8 weeks Will be teaching on binding & loosing authority, discerning the 16 strongman by the symptoms, and what to loose to get people free and stay free! We want to equip the body of Christ and this is some of the best material I have studied in 40 years of spirit filled ministry!

Pastors we want to help your church get ready because many are going to need this ministry! Please help us pass this message around to any spirit filled believers and pastors in northeast Ohio.

Bring your notebook and pens and get ready to be equipped to set others free!  We are so excited and have received so many confirmations as to the timing is NOW for this MUCH NEEDED TRAINING!