Let Go and Let God!

You may have heard the phrase,”let go and let God”. We have to learn to let go of people and circumstances and release them to God.
We are not their saviour nor the burden bearer and by trying to hang on it means we don’t trust God can do what needs to be done. Not releasing these people and things to God shows a lack of faith. It can hinder our spiritual progress!
First God loves them more then we do and He also knows the beginning from the end (He is the Alpha and Omega) He has perfect knowledge and the bigger eternal perspective in view at all times. We only see a snapshot at times.
Learn to trust Him and the fact that He can always do a better job then us. Stop trying to be a control freak, when the Creator of the Universe is willing to step in, cast ALL your cares on Him, He can handle them better then any or all of us combined.
Instead walk in faith in God and receive His Peace!